Event planning perfectly suits Candi’s meticulous personality and dynamic work ethic. She is a seasoned and articulate event marketing professional with over twelve years of valuable experience and success in creative idea generation, strategy and live event conceptualization, management and execution. Her vast skills span various industries, including fashion, interior design, automotive, hospitality, health and beauty, fitness and culinary arts.

Candi’s experience in publishing, catering, event production and most recently in-house at Gilt Groupe, since its launch, all contribute to her impeccable expertise, her extensive venue and vendor contacts and her overall style and vision. Her knowledge of both the high-end luxury market, as well as the mass consumer market, allows for well-orchestrated and smart strategies, revenue generation and most importantly, beautiful end results.

Specific Expertise

B2B and B2C strategy and execution
Flawless event conceptualization, production and execution
Strategy, negotiation, marketing and sales
Talent management, retention and mentorship

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